Local Government

There are many issues relating to the concept of Local Government that affect our everyday lives – parking fines, rates, and a whole range of fines that are issued by local councils who believe that they are authorised under various local government acts to operate as a third tier of government.

Unfortunately for them, the Commonwealth Constitution - which is the highest law in the land - dictates that there can only be two levels of government, and they are Federal and State. Federal government is also known as Commonwealth government, and State government is also known as local government. Local councils, however, seem to think that they have been magically empowered by the States to operate as a third tier of government contrary to the Commonwealth Constitution.

If you want to find out more about the Commonwealth Constitution, please click the Constitution tab or click here.

The guys at CLRA have now prepared a press release for almost all of the States, detailing this issue, and we would urge you all to download a copy relevant to your State below:

Click here for the Vic press release.

Click here for the WA press release.

Click here for the QLD press release.

Click here for the NSW press release.

Click here for the SA press release.

We would also ask you to download this simple cover letter and just cut and paste your details, along with the details of your local MP, and attach a copy of that press release to the letter and send it off to them and see what kind of reply they come back with.

Please note that if you are unsure of the details of your local MP, you can look it up very quickly and easily via this link - http://www.openaustralia.org.au/ Just enter your postcode at the top to not only find your local member but also a lot of information about them too. Please note that this will give you the details of your Federal Member of Parliament. You can find your State Member of Parliament via this link - https://www.australia.gov.au/about-government/states-territories-and-local-government/state-parliaments-and-members-contacts - and, ideally, you should send a copy to both your State and Federal MPs because it affects them both.

We would ask that you keep a copy of any letters that you send out as well as any response that you get back because the Community Law Resource Association is currently looking to run a class action against the State of Victoria regarding this issue, and any correspondence can be used as evidence in that case.

If you would like to find out more about this class action, please be sure to check out www.localgovernmentclassaction.com.au and register any interest that you may have in being part of it. Please note that you do NOT need to actually live in Victoria to be a part of this class action and, once that one is successful, we will be looking to run a similar class action in other States as well.

Please download this letter and send it off to the Governor-General to ask about the validity of the upcoming Federal election.

You can download the Notice to Show Standing that we spoke about on our radio show on 31 May 2022, to send to your Member of Parliament via this link.